Michael Chen

Web Developer & iOS Developer
@ Toronto CANADA

About This Site

I bought this domain in 2013. I was a fan of Star Wars, therefore it was named "master".

For privacy, I use tons of nick names and fake IDs for different circumstances at different time on the Internet. You may try to contact them and figure out who they are. It sounds ridiculous but it is helpful to avoid spam and scams that brought by the technology.

Some information is provided in this site. If you want to know more, please try to contact me in person.


Moe Girl iOS app

iOS app for Moe Girl Encyclopedia, which is the biggest Animation Comic Game online encyclopedia in Chinese. This app provides optimized content for mobile devices. It also has some useful tools for clients to edit the encyclopedia.

This app is available in App Store (App content is provided in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese).


Several websites are hosting on this server. I have designed and built a lot of websites, including this homepage and my blog. (See how I optimized this page). I provide hosting service to my friends. If you want to put your personal blog in my server, please contact me.

My blog in Chinese.


I can provide some highly practiced solutions for some business problems.

Contact Me

I can use Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese, native), English and Japanese.

The first languange I learned for programming is PASCAL.
I learned that for the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOIp) programming contest. Then I learned so many different languages (including C C# Java). It is very easy to learn other languages because programming languages are very similar. The most important part for a programmer is algorithm.

You can find me at:

Should you send me confidential information, you would use these public keys.

I am now a third year Computer Science student & teaching assistant at York University. I am open but only for the part-time/co-op at this point.