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I am Michael Chen (also known as, Junlin, Jun, mc256, m_____c, etc.).
I am a Computer Science undergrad student, research assistant and teaching assistant at York University. I am interested in computer algorithms, web development, mobile app development, computer network programming, and game design.

Highlighted Projects

Distributed Anti-Interference Proxy System

It is a robust protocol for bypassing a content filtering firewall. The main idea is relaying proxy traffic on a distributed network to make detection more difficult. I have released the program source code on Github under GPL-3.0. This project is a fourth-year computer science research project at York University.

Research Paper: "A Robust Protocol for Circumventing Censoring Firewalls" IEEE CIT 2018

Supervisor: Dr. Uyen Trang Nguyen


ACGN Wiki iOS App

It is an iOS app for an anime, comic, game and novel wiki site. It is available in AppStore, but it is only available in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The target market is the young people in China who are interested in amine and game. The app has more than 100,000 installations and 6,000 active users per month.



Teaching Assistant @ York University (Unit 2 Contract Faculty)

I conduct labs tutorial for students and help them to achieve the learning objective of the labs. I also help professor with grading and developing contents for the labs.


Research Assistant @ York University

Building great and interesting programs and machines that related to the Attentive Sensor Project.

iOS Developer @ Moegirlsaikou Foundation

Moegirlsaikou Foundation is a NPO. We operate one of the most prominent non-profit anime fan sites in the Chinese community around the world, receiving more than 600,000 PV per day. Similar to Wikipedia, we rely on public contributions and donations. We are also under different attacks from different business rivals. If you want to support us, please donate!

Web Developer @ InfoEmpire Inc.

I developed and maintained business websites.



York University

A fourth year computer science student (Honours Bachelor of Science).

Highlighted Courses and Projects:

Awards and Honors:

Skill Stack

Web Development (Frontend + Backend)

iOS Development (Frontend + Backend)


null ( at ) yorku dot ca

This is a real email address, not joking.

I can use Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese.

About this Site

I bought this domain in 2013. I was a fan of Star Wars. Therefore it was named "master".

My blog in Chinese.

Web Hosting Service

I am also hosting some websites for my friends. If you want me to host your blog, please contact me. I can allocate a KVM virtual server for you.

Git Server

I am considering moving out from GitHub. Therefore, I have set up my own GitLab server using GitLab CE. If you want to join, please let me know.

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